6th grade Periods 4/5 and 7/9


Good Morning Families, 

Happy Friday!! We are now finishing up our second week of Online Distance Learning! :) Hopefully we are all getting a little more used to this way of schooling. 
 Please remember, in addition to Mr. Morey, I am here as well to help with completing assignments or any questions or concerns you have. In addition, I will be adding some supplemental materials to assist in completing assignments in emails and/or on my webpage. (See below) 

Today, Friday, students will be working on Pearson again. This lesson is a review of Equivalent Ratios. It will be Lesson i13.2 Practice. It is a short 10 problem practice. Below are some resources to watch before doing the work. 

Supplemental Resources for Equivalent Ratios i13.2

Videos and Websites

If you are still working through i13.1 Practice - a review of Ratios, there are resources below to help you review as well. 

Supplemental Resources for Ratios i13.1

If you are still catching up on this week's lessons, please just reach out to Mr. Morey or myself and let us know. This past week's lesson was Pearson Lesson 4-8. The assignment should be completed in the order listed so the students are able to practice before taking the final Quiz. The order should be - FIRST: Virtual Nerd Videos to watch on Pearson (along with those posted below) to help walk our students through this new lesson. SECOND&THIRD: there are 2 Math XL assignments to help the students practice this new skill. Each question gives multiple chances to get the correct answer along with hints on how to solve them correctly. FOURTH: there is a lesson quiz to complete. 
Please feel free to use the internet, Khan Academy videos, multiplication charts and/or calculators or any other resources available to you or provided to complete your online distance learning assignments. Again, know if you need additional time to complete these assignments, just reach out to Mr. Morey or myself and we can extend due dates.

If you still did not receive the district paper packets or are in need of technology assistance, please reach out to us so we can assist you in meeting these needs.
Also, please reach out to me and I can try to supplement assignments. We can work together to try to find an alternative means of distance learning. Remember we are all learning and working through this new way of schooling together. Thank you all for your continued support! Have a wonderful day! Stay well! 
Partners in education, 
Ms. Tobin

See Pearson and Moby Max login information below!

See Mr. Morey's webpage as well! 

 Supplemental Materials for Dependent and Independent Variables Lesson 4-8


Here is the link for our online textbook and assignments. 
EnVision Textbook Online 
Textbook Log In= studentid#@hamtsd-nj
Password= First Name06(First Name has to be Capitalized.)

Moby Max Log In
School code - nj2523
Log In= FirstName Then First Letter of Last Name all lower case (Ex - jessicat)
Password= davies(and your Computer Number)
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