Mr. George Wood


Overview of Curriculum:

US History - Constitution to Civil War

Books and supplies required for every class
1. Textbook (kept in class)
2. 1-inch binder with lined loose leaf paper
3. Agenda book (supplied by school)
4. Pen or pencil

Upcoming Tests, Quizzes and Projects
1.  Unit 14 Tier II Vocabulary

2. Causes of the Civil War Storyboard

Completed Tests, Quizzes and Projects

1. Ancient Greek Government Quiz

2. Articles of Confederation Webquest

3. NJ/VA Plans & Great Compromise Quiz

4. Preamble Quiz

5. Constitutional Convention & Ratification Test

6. Unit 11 Tier II Vocabulary Quiz

7. Constitution DBQ

8. Bill of Rights Test

9. Bill of Rights Graphic Organizer

10. Unit 12 Tier II Vocabulary Quiz

11. Washington Administration Quiz

12. First Political Parties Flipgrid

13. Louisiana Purchase Quiz

14. Expansion DBQ

15. Expansion Map

16. Age of Jackson Quiz

17. Unit 13 Tier II Vocabulary

18. Cotton Gin DBQ


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